Victoria Park Meets New Councillor

Victoria Park Meets New Councillor

By Kyra Bird

Jeromy Farkas has been on the job as Ward 11 councillor for about four weeks now, but “Our Changing Community: The Year Ahead”, held on Thursday, was the first public event he attended in association with the Victoria Park Business Improvement Area since being elected.

The event was promoted as an opportunity for business owners and residents of the community to engage in a conversation and learn about important issues in the area, including a new supervised consumption site at the Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre and the closing of the Victoria Park Police Station. A conversation that ended up being mostly one-sided.

To familiarize residents with their councillor, David Low – the BIA’s executive director and moderator for the evening – asked Farkas about how the inner-city community of Victoria Park fits in to his plans for the large, mostly suburban, ward.

Farkas played to the audience by describing how he feels he relates to the residents in the community. “I’m openly bisexual. I ride my bike as the default option, and typically only drive when I have to,” he said. “So, when you think of the demographics in Victoria Park, I probably relate to the Beltline more than I do to the southerners.”

Farkas, who lives in the Southwest community of Palliser, even went as far as to say, “I would probably be more comfortable living in a high-rise as opposed to my house in Palliser.”


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