Ex-Candidate Disappointed By “Under-Delivered” Event

By Kyra Bird

When a candidate runs for city council and doesn’t get the coveted job they often return to their private lives, but that doesn’t mean that their interest and stake in municipal politics changes.

Keith Simmons, who ran against Jeromy Farkas for the Ward 11 seat on city council, attended Thursday’s “Our Changing Community: The Year Ahead” event as a resident of the ward and in his capacity as past president of the Acadia Community Association.

The event was held by the Victoria Park Business Improvement Area as an opportunity for business owners in the association and residents of the community to come and learn about issues facing the area.

Simmons said that the Beltline, because of its unique inner-city landscape and features, offers an interesting case-study for innovation and improvement within the city.

“We can come here and listen in on what’s going on with that they’re trying to improve,” Simmons says. “And then try to hit on some of the same notes and make the same improvements out in suburbia Calgary.”

Simmons was disappointed, however, in how the event focused on specific, current issues, instead of future plans for the area. “Sadly, I think this particular interaction was a little under-delivered,” he said. “It was promoted as a conversation about the next year coming and, of course, the conversation, because it was compressed, was about policing issues and the Chumir consumption site.”

Although Simmons believes these issues are vital, the event was titled “The Year Ahead” and he had been hoping to hear more about the future of the ever-changing area to potentially take some ideas back to his home community of Acadia.

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