Farkas Thanks Family

Farkas Thanks Family

By Kyra Bird

Thursday night’s town hall event held by Ward 11 councillor Jeromy Farkas was an opportunity for residents to come and have their voices heard by their city hall representative. But Farkas also took the opportunity to publicly acknowledge his parents who were in attendance.

Before reading an audience question, Farkas unexpectedly pointed out his parents sitting in the front row and began to get visibly emotional as he spoke about them.

“Every day I look up to you both as a real great example of the fact that anybody can work hard to be able to achieve anything,” he said.

Farkas went on to thank his parents for standing with him through the recent election campaign: “There were many, many people that told me it would be impossible for me to stand up here as a councillor for Ward 11 but you never said that.”

The family moment was applauded by the large audience in attendance before Farkas joked that he had dropped the ball on answering questions, and returned to the task at hand.

Stay tuned for continuing coverage on Ward 11’s inaugural town hall event, as I’ll be posting more stories throughout the weekend. 

A full transcript of Farkas’ town hall event will be posted on Monday (January 22). 

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