Farkas Faces Ex-Opponents

By Kyra Bird

Keith Simmons and Robert Dickinson lost the recent municipal election when they ran against councillor Jeromy Farkas but both ex-candidates are staying involved and attended the councillor’s recent town hall event alongside other ward 11 residents. Dickinson, specifically, said he attended the event to keep informed about the issues facing residents and to watch the new councillor in action.

The town hall was hosted by the Palliser, Bayview, and Pump Hill Community Association on Thursday night.

Farkas ensured that his ex-opponents’ attendance at the event was not missed, as he publicly thanked both men for coming while the audience applauded.

Though he didn’t personally have any questions for the councillor, Dickinson said in an interview after the event that he attended “to see how councillor Farkas responded to different questions from the audience and hear what the residents were most concerned about.”

Overall Dickinson said some of the councillor’s answers were lacking, but he did acknowledge that future town halls offer more opportunities for Farkas to meaningfully interact with residents.

“I think sometimes [the answers] weren’t very specific to the point. I think there are some facts that maybe he doesn’t have access to yet so I do hope that as these go forward we’ll hear shorter, more detailed, more specific answers. I felt that we were still on the campaign trail a little bit.”

Dickinson said he plans to attend as many of these town halls as his schedule permits. Farkas’ town halls are currently scheduled to happen on the third Thursday of every month.

Stay tuned for my final piece about the inaugural town hall event coming on Monday, January 22. 

A full transcript of Farkas’ town hall event will also be posted on Monday, January 22. 

Edit: The original version of this piece ended with the line:

“Farkas’ town halls are currently scheduled to happen on the third Thursday of every month and ward 11 residents are currently awaiting an announcement on where the next event will be held.”

It has since been noted by multiple sources that the next town hall event has already been announced and will be held on February 15 and be hosted by the Oakridge Community Association.

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