Ward 11 Town Hall- Full Transcript

By Kyra Bird

Here is the full transcript from Jeromy Farkas’ Ward 11 Town Hall Event, held last Thursday, January 18:

Jeromy Farkas Town Hall Event Transcript

The link is a word document that will download to your computer when selected (it is 20 pages in length).

Here are some notes, also included at the beginning of the transcript to hopefully answer any questions you may have about the content of the document:

  • The representative from the PBP Community Association who spoke at times, audience members, and residents who asked questions, have all been kept anonymous as names were not used during the event.
  • Parts omitted from the transcript include some opening statements from the PBP Community Association prior to Farkas beginning the event, as well as offhand comments that weren’t in any way related to the town hall/politics (ex. calls for questions to be submitted, jokes unrelated to the conversation) These parts were omitted as the true content of the night revolved around Farkas reading and answering questions.
  • I have numbered the audience members who did speak out during the forum just to ensure that it’s clear that more than one audience member spoke out throughout the night.
  • Everything has been written as it was spoken, to the best of my understanding Any issues with grammar, unfinished sentences, etc. are just speech errors. Errors with spelling/format/missing words (often due to audio quality- which I noted with a “?”) are mistakes on my part.

If you have any questions at all about the content of the transcript, pieces that were omitted, etc. please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me! I am also active on Twitter @KyraNoelleBird, and you can contact me there as well.

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